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Recreational vehicles insurance is a must-have, whether you use your RV occasionally or full-time. Like automobile insurance, a wide range of policies are available for recreational vehicles. Insurance is mandated if your RV is financed, but is also necessary if you own the vehicle. In some cases, additional insurance is recommended to cover unexpected costs if you are a full-time RV resident.

Main types of coverage:

Deciding whether you want a no-frills liability policy or full coverage insurance is an important step. Those who choose basic liability insurance can usually add the RV to an existing auto insurance policy. This option is simple, efficient and offers the coverage that you need to legally operate the RV in most states. Collision coverage is also necessary, and may be combined with liability insurance, depending on the specific policy that you choose.

Comprehensive coverage is usually purchased separately from other policies you already have. This option is usually a must for those who use the RV frequently, or for those who reside in the RV for all or part of the year. Full coverage is also best if you want to protect your investment, as the policy pays for replacing the RV in the case of an accident.

Optional coverage:

Optional coverage is recommended to help prevent unexpected costs. Optional coverage can include emergency costs, repair costs for RV features such as awnings and vacation liability. The types of optional coverage that you choose should reflect your RV usage.

For example, those living in the RV for part of the year should consider personal property policies to protect against theft or loss of personal items, while those travel frequently can benefit greatly by choosing policies that cover repairs. Adding optional policies also benefits part-time RV owners, as the policies cover a wide range of repairs and other unexpected costs.

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