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This insurance protects residential real estate from various degrees of damage that's caused by natural and man-made forces. Homeowners can get plenty of financial security and peace of mind when having this type of policy. Whether there's a need to fix a rooftop or improve some interior lighting fixtures, homeowners insurance provides reliable compensation for renovations and repairs.

Who it is for:

Only a person who legally owns a home can buy this form of insurance. Home insurance can be applied toward multi-family homes, duplexes, townhouses, cottages and even apartments. An individual who holds a deed or title to a property must present the appropriate documentation of ownership to the insurance agency that underwrites a policy. It's also possible to insure a vacation property such as a cottage or a cabin in remote areas.

How it works:

A licensed inspector or appraiser has to do a thorough evaluation of a home that is to be insured. Once the market value of a given property is established, precise coverage can applied toward a corresponding insurance policy. A homeowner is responsible for making minimum monthly payments in order for a home insurance policy to remain active. This insurance for homes can be set up for automatic renewals on an annual basis. 

Different types of coverage in existence:

The insurance gives homeowners money to fix damage that poses an immediate safety concern due to structural problems. For example, broken windows and cracked rooftops can be fixed as soon as possible with money that's provided by an insurance company. Claims may also be filed for lost or stolen personal possessions such as appliances, furniture and electronics. Detached structures like garages, shed and barns also qualify for protection under this insurance plan.

Major Benefits:

Having insurance for a home comes with numerous financial benefits. Homeowners can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on restoring or rebuilding real estate that's been partially damaged or completely destroyed. Insurance for homes also provides protection against arson, a major concern in urban areas with dense housing patterns. Severe weather and other disasters would also be covered by this insurance policy. It is important to have a plan in the event that something happens.

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