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What it is:

Auto insurance is a protection program that keeps everyone on the road safe from huge out of pocket expenses in relation to motor accidents. As the market inflated the price of cars beyond the reach of the average person, repairs on vehicles also grew beyond the reach of the average person. Car insurance became a staple in civilized society in order to protect people who are involved in car accidents from being forced to take on costs that they could not afford.

Who it is for:

Auto insurance is for everyone who owns a car. As a matter of fact, in most civilized countries, car insurance is a legal requirement in order to operate a motor vehicle in compliance with the law. Outside of the legal requirement, car insurance is also a great investment for people who would otherwise be unable to afford the repairs on a car were it to fall into disrepair because of an unexpected accident.

How it works:

Car insurance works by paying out a lump sum of money that covers the repairs for a vehicle if it is involved in an accident. The holder of the car insurance policy is usually responsible for a deductible. This deductible is the amount that an insurance policy holder must pay out of pocket before the benefits of the car insurance program begin to take effect.

Car insurance also pays lump sums for the medical expenses of people who may be involved in a vehicle accident. There may also be additional payments for any property that is damaged in the accident. All of these payments are made only after the insurance policy holder has fulfilled the deductible for each part of the policy.

Different types of coverage in existence:

The two main types of car insurance are meant for commercial drivers and for non-commercial drivers. In most cases, commercial insurance is much more expensive and expansive.

Major Benefits:

The major benefit to an insurance policy holder is the protection of his or her financial status should an unexpected accident occur. There is also a legal benefit.

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